About Takitimu Tiki Tours - Tour Te Anau

We are a family run business – Heath, Sue, Caitlin and Liam... don't forget the dogs – Panda and Pip, who may bark a lot but really are very friendly once you get to know them!

We were tired of working long hours for someone else and crossing paths only in the doorway, so we decided to go it alone using the immense knowledge and experience we had in the tourism industry. We set up the company almost 3 years ago. Our very first trip being on Christmas Eve 2014. Our aim is to offer people visiting the Fiordland area an awesome trip around at an affordable price. Avoid the large tour group crowds, sit back and relax, enjoy unspoiled views, discover secret "local only" spots. Our Tour of Te Anau cater for small groups (maximum of 11) so you will always be guaranteed that personal experience.

About Heath

Heath is your tour guide extraordinaire! Heath has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the tourism business and has worked as a guide in the area for over 20 years. He loves more than anything to spend time with people and ensure you have a great visit here in Te Anau. Nothing is rushed with Heath and nothing is a problem. 

About Sue

Now Sue is the brains behind the business! Having worked as a Bank Manager in the busy West End of London for 14 years she decided it was time to see the world and ended up living in Te Anau... It's an easy place to fall in love with! Sue takes care of all the behind the scenes stuff but has been know to bake some fantastic muffins for a guests if you're lucky!

About the name

Yes, we know Takitimu Tiki Tours can be somewhat of a mouthful, but it does put a smile on everyone's face and is certainly not easy to forget. The name Takitimu comes from one of the local mountain ranges, which are named after an ancient Maori waka (canoe) named Takitimu, that once visited our southern waters. The waka was wrecked in rough waters and the upturned hull of the boat became the mountain range...

Tiki is a symbol for the first man created, but is also New Zealand slang for a sight seeing journey taking the scenic route to a destination. We liked it, so the name was created.